Bring Africa to the Center of Our Hearts

“I Walk This Lonely Road” by J Stimp licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Whether you live in the Diaspora or in Africa, your home remains in Africa. Your beginning still lives here in Africa at the birth lands of your ancestors. The blessing to live a happy life comes from acknowledging your true indigenous self, your ancestors, and elders.

Where is your heart centered as a Black person in this day and age? Where is that hidden piece of knowledge you have lost in your journey as a Black person?

There are so many equations in today’s world that Black people should be aware of and careful of while finding hidden solutions to the equations. We are at the point in this era where we believe that all has been taken from us as Black people, a point at which we are so vulnerable to the system because much of who we are has been shut down through religion, education, and Western culture, plus so many other machines that have electrified the fall of our pride as people with strong and brave hearts who came from the natural world of being, forests, mountains and the fresh waters that run across the continent.

We are originally a people that come from a unified and positive amplified community that centered home at the forefront of every initiation and creation. All of our ancestors and Black freedom fighters poured their blood and lived real painful lives of stress, war, displacement, and death–all that to leave our homes in a better shape for us to live freely.

Our great grandfathers and great grandmothers lived through the dangerous era of slavery. They lived an era that we might not have survived today because of how far we have positioned our own indigenous Africa from our hearts, far from our innovations, from our daily living. Why do we allow people with no original idea of our continent to decide for our continent as we continue to keep silent? For how long shall we stay as still as a statue? Our traditions, religion, healing knowledge, lifestyle, and history are ruled by a foreign system that hasn’t any attachment to our beginning.

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The day we decided to keep silent and accept western supremacy is the day we sent the future of our own home to the grave. It’s like we have hated our home and truth of our own self; we allowed the system to shut down all the love we had for our land, for our ancestors, for nature, for the unity within us. Now, we’ve made violence a normal aspect of our way of life while forgetting the beauty of how our home would look if brought to the center of the hearts of all Black people living both in the Diaspora and in Africa. It’s now been so many years where true, indigenous African knowledge, history, and love is hidden and not taught to the young ones. This has tortured the young generation keeping them in shadows of who they are. And, if this continues, who they will be?

This is the right time for all Black people to reconnect back to the motherland no matter how many miles you live from it. Just allow yourself to shut down on the current system which limits our indigenous selves and restore the love for home, and bring it to the center of your heart. Bring it to the center of all your creations. Present it in a celebrating manner.

The pride and feistiness of our people should be spread all over the world by us; our culture and traditions should not be presented as evil but as our reality. Our history should be taught to the young ones in the right way to cultivate the spirit of patriotism that dwelled in late warriors like Malcolm X. It’s our responsibility to restore the freedom, pride, and glory of Black people and Black history in this era where everything of value is declared to reside in the West.

Where is Africa in your heart?




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