Finding Peace Under an Unpeaceful Government

“Museveni” by Gabriel White licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

We are in a period where brothers and sisters are taking away their own lives, and due to confusion, the father is killing his son just because he’s getting better than him.We are in a period of crying, but there are no tears coming out of our eye. The prophecy said that our leaders will come out to confess that they are not our servants; they are only working for the betterment of their own offspring. But remember, when we were handing over power to them, they promised to serve us with one heart, to work hand-in-hand with their people, but now they are making their own decisions, which affects our communities, and they are forgetting those who had put their trust in them in the first place.

People are now confused on whom to trust. Even the local government, which was more concerned about its people, is now less concerned. They have changed the systems to fit their own understanding, and one of them is ordering people to lease their own land without noticing whether low income earners will be in position of paying the amount of money they are asking for. Are they forgetting the old women and men who have lived on this land for years?

We are in a period where you are required to move about with all your documents at all times in your own country, and failure to do so can lead to being arrested for more than six months. Aren’t we humans like them? Sometimes they don’t think about our future. They always say that five civilians equals to one soldier, and I end up asking myself: what is the difference between me and him? Have they ever realized that we are no longer in the days of slavery? We all need equal rights, and there should be justice for everyone. Besides that, there is only one question that’s running into my mind: will there be any change in the world? It always takes time for one person to express his/her feeling upon a certain situation, so this sometimes leads people to resist the powers when they see something wrong. The response to this resistance, however, causes death to innocent citizens. Some are beaten up, they are not given their right to freedom of expression. Why are we treated like slaves on our own land?

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The authorities want to put us in a fearful state. Once you talk about your leader who has failed to deliver his service, just know tomorrow they are jailing you up, and you will never be seen again for life. In some cases, they know what is right, but they keep on reporting false investigations. Innocent people are being tortured to death just because they want to cover up their bad deeds. Laws are made, but they are not abided by. Civilians who have not been convicted of crimes are being tortured. How can you torture somebody who is just a suspect?

Look how journalists are being treated, beaten up while they are doing their job. Our leaders turn off internet and other social media networks so that no one outside the country knows about what is going on within. They want the newspaper, radios, and television to be talking about what they want to be broadcasted, not what people have to see. They create their own space to confuse us. How can I be forced to vote for someone I don’t support and receive payment for each time I vote? Why don’t they allow the people to freely decide who they will elect?

Money saved to develop our countries is used in taking care of the families of the politicians who are supposed to be serving us. The situation worsens when money saved on the local council to develop youth is also used for their own benefits, and later on they offend and arrest the youths to be ideal. Even the funds saved to help our grandparents doesn’t reach them, yet you sign on their behalf that they received it. You brought segregation amongst us to cause tribal wars, so to be given any job, you have to be of the same tribe.

They shed the blood of many, but when one is killed out of them, they put blame on everyone else. Is one government official better than the thousands of civilians who are being killed each year? Look how many people who were killed in Rwenzururu region in Western Uganda, but still people were blamed for having been the cause of that spilled blood.

Our government presents manifestos that they built schools, hospitals, facilities, and roads, but when you come on ground, nothing has been done. We are promised, but there is no fulfillment. We vote for them, but at the end we regret. They also make their own slogans like “akuwa obwami,aba akuwadde kulya,”  translated in English as, “When someone gives you a higher position, it’s your turn to develop yourself.”

It is always one question people are asking themselves: will there be any change in the world? There are common mistakes made each and every day, not only by the government, but also by we the people. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why there are wars everywhere? We are fighting each other, but sometimes we forget that we are one. Once we keep on raiding on each other, there will be no freedom that we are dreaming of. A war sets back countries and also brings unstable economic disaster which will affect us and the generations we hope are to come. A good example of the devastation that war brings is Libya. It was once one of the most beautiful and developed countries in Africa. They had good roads, a well organized education system, good facilities, but since the war broke out, Libya is now among the undeveloped countries because everything as planned was destroyed. The education system changed, infrastructure was neglected and left to ruin. All their minerals were exploited. So people, why don’t we learn from this and at least try to create a little peace which will make as live in harmony in spite of the efforts by our so called leaders to make peace impossible.




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