The World Needs Blackness

Blackness (adj.) “1. Maintaining joy, even in the face of overwhelming oppression. 2. Possessing an exuberant range of expression, especially when around other black people. 3. Ingenuity that facilitates surviving, even thriving, despite external conditions. Ex: The peak blackness of the Black Panther trailers is giving me life.”

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LaVar Ball is a Trickster

The continued fascination with LaVar Ball makes it pretty clear that, for as much as nonblack folks try to act like they understand black Americans, they really don’t know a single thing about us because, if they did, there would be nothing novel about him.

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The Power of Choice

We must always choose, even when we choose not to choose. We can run away from everything, but not choosing.

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Youth’s Unstable Mentalities

I am one of the victims of unstable mentalities. The problem is that we have not been prepared enough to engage the world. We continue to just wander around with no proper direction.

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The Poison of Corruption

One thing I have learned to eliminate corruption: people must be taught how to overcome entrenched motives such as greed and selfishness. However, human governments lack both will and ability to implement this type of education program.

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The Dangerous Misconceptions About Africa

I know the reason they would always show that shocking side of Africa is to intimidate you from having any motives of coming to see yourself in the homeland. They know that connecting Africa with the rest of the Diaspora would be a revolution of change, so stay awake.

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this is how you heat the comb. set the stove to medium and place the metal teeth atop. part section of blown dry locs. pat comb to palm to test its fervor. this is how you hold your ear. get as close to scalp as possible.

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Self-Care and Resistance

One of the most difficult struggles for me is not growing numb. Because numbness kills resistance. So I have to allow myself to be angry, to grieve, to do something that honors the life of the victim.

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Unpacking Toxic Masculinity

When I reflect over my socialization, I realize I was instilled with some of the same toxic beliefs about my masculinity that led to people senselessly losing their lives.

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Stop worrying about tomorrow

by Allen Nanfuka

Look at the birds–they don’t sow seeds, gather harvest, and put it in barns
yet the Lord takes care of them.
Aren’t you worth much more than birds?

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The Power of Imagination

by Ram Kigozi

Solutions for the problems that we need for our communities to thrive live and exist within our minds; they are just pending and waiting for our physical response to transform them into reality.

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What Being African Means to Me

by Corp Zak

I am blessed as an African. I am special, and I have the ability to change the world. I am a blessing. What I speak can change the world. What I do can change the world.

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Black Depression and the San Bernardino Shooting

by Marquise Griffin

The man who committed yesterday’s tragedy was undoubtedly mentally ill. The fact that he was black forces me to reflect on all of the various historical, socioeconomic, and political conditions that are making suicide and depression rates so high among black men.

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