See the World with Your True Indigenous Eyes

The lions are the kings of the jungle. They impose a certain kind of energy on whoever approaches their territory. It’s not that they don’t love because love is fundamentally created in each breathing species on earth. This is caused by the fact that man invades their territories willingly to destroy their strength, home, and ability. They are, therefore, at all times alert, watching and protecting their space. It is also important for Black people–both living on the continent and those in the diaspora–to reflect on such aspects of other living creatures on earth in order to continue deepening the understanding of who we were in the past, who we are in the present, and who we will be in the future.

Thousands of our ancestors laid down their lives so that our continent can breathe today. It’s as if we forgot their sacrifice; perhaps this is due to the fact that the history taught in Africa has hidden such revolutionary narratives. If we don’t act upon the mystery happening in Africa, future generations will suffer from the great sickness of the soul that us Black people all over the world are suffering from.

Yes, it’s really challenging today for young Black people to see Africa in a more indigenous context due to the fact that we are living in times where some don’t know who they really are because the system doesn’t allow them to see beyond its formation. I should clarify on this by saying that Africa is practicing a system it doesn’t own, and in such a situation the minds are locked, the inside is tortured, people are kept ignorant, unable to fully participate in a foreign formation because they don’t own it. They are left with nowhere to run to. Being truly centered in one’s identity as an African while dwelling in a foreign formation is seen as either uncivilized, local, or evil, but I think being local isn’t a crime– the civilization that was introduced to the Black people in pain, blood and iron is what should be seen as a crime!

The young ones today should be able to know and understand how this system was brought to Africa and how it affected the continent. The reality is that the pain our grandfathers and mothers went through built so many countries in the West. For one to be in position to see all this mystery, one must be able to see the world with their true indigenous eyes.

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Africa existed before the missionaries came on the land, before the Arabs came here to trade. It was once seen in its indigenous reality. It’s now been decades since all our reality was channeled to be seen through a foreign lens. We should all agree on the fact that no nation will ever reach its highest heights of living without its full freedom and ability to choose who and what has power over it. The indigenous wisdom of Africa is being shut down each day we continue not to accept the fact of who we are as Black, proud, and brave living beings. The more we reject seeing and living the reality of who we were made to be, we damage the future and present of our children and motherland.

There is so much happening on the continent and in the diaspora. We should be able to reconnect our hearts and souls to our beloved motherland who has allowed us to grow and feed on the fertile lands and the fresh running waters around the continent. We have to see this past, present, and future mystery of this system with our own true indigenous eyes. No one will ever reach to their full potential without a true vision of self.

Black people today should be aware of what they are drugged to see, believe, and live. We have to look through the painful wounds inflicted on us. Every day comes with nights and mornings; we watch our fellow brothers and sisters crying and suffering from ignorance, self-disconnection, and cultural duplication, we seem not to be seeing this because of the fear that terrorized our brave inner selves. We have seen it happening. It will still happen unless our doing small and staying silent is changed. Yes, a step for a new era of reconnecting back to the true belly of African wisdom and strength is upon us, and this will be revealed in the future. The young ones will be able to see in the eyes of who they are, not who they are to be.




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