Tondism-Omulembe Mutinzi Cuusani: The New Epoch and Great Turning

Rod Waddington [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The indigenous peoples of the world have long been in a struggle to revive something that has been lost amongst the peoples of our lands. We had thrown out our ways and embraced an Ameripean way of life, which has been short-lived and has had no good impact on our lives as black people. This is the time where we say we are ready and prepared to welcome our minds, body, and soul back home comfortably without fear. After all these times of contemplations, confusion, disunity and misunderstandings between ourselves, we have realised it’s up to us as indigenous people around the world to rise up and take what is ours back unapologetically in this Great Turning (Mulembe Mutinzi Cuusansi).

In the prophecy of the Great Turning, it says that when Tonda, the Afrikan God of peace, realised the suffering of the indigenous people of Afrika and other parts of the world, a trumpet was blown–which only a few very spiritual men and woman of God heard–to signal that He was rounding up all the previous centuries, and a new epoch was set to begin. In this new epoch, we say that at this time of deep troubles, profound threat, uncertainty and confusion, the source of the Nile is the place to always go to!

Indeed, this destination is the subject of prophecy. According to indigenous prophecy, at the source of the Nile the Ameripean-led, warmongering, hegemonic world order and world view, which subjects the entire earth and beyond to Ameripean will and interest, came to an objective end (in the year 1966 to be exact). In its place, there dawned a new epoch of self-determined peoples of the world whose responsibility was to organise themselves into a commonwealth of self-determined countries, nations, and peoples in peaceful coexistence and solidarity with philosophy, cultures, values and lifestyle to accommodate one another so as to share a minimum creative base of compatibility. The abandonment by all of the philosophy and practice of hegemonism in all its forms is the necessary first step towards such new global world order. At the source of the Nile, we call this epoch Mulembe Mutinzi–defined by peace, a return to roots, synergy, collaboration and spirituality.

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Mulembe Mutinzi is a new epoch of love and peaceful coexistence anchored by spirituality, indigenous philosophy, science and technology, and the re-indigenization of all peoples, nations and countries of the world because we overstand that in infinite love, wisdom, and mercy, God’s spirit created the peoples of the world and distributed them in the four directions–east, west, north, and south–with the same proportions of people. In the same way, God gave to each the conditions for their material sustenance, particularly land. Every region, therefore, has a God-given, homegrown intellectual energy, the right responsibility and duty to spearhead its own development and transformation, as well as the resolution of its own problems. It follows, therefore, that the knowledge and paradigm of one people–developed by that people in a particular environment for their own collective survival and in competition and rivalry with other peoples–cannot at the same time be adequate for the development and well being of other peoples in their respective regions and spaces across the world. It will be particularly the case if it was by force of arms. This has been the case with Ameripean imperial knowledge in the last five hundred years. How in any way can one size fit all?

Recently on the 22nd to the 26th May this year, many indigenous peoples from around the world gathered to be a part of the Mulembe Mutinzi International Transformative Confluence to put in full focus the awareness that the old world order long ago started its irreversible decline and assured end and that what still keeps it around is not its internal strength or inherit viability, but the transformative energies and practitioners which are yet to substantively coalesce and mature.

I extend my sincere gratitude to all the heads that have played a role in the continued survival of this movement, from the hills of Walusi to the Kiira river, and to the ancestors who control the unseen; all the vessels of God, the indigenous peoples of the world especially; the Tshouke peoples from Turtle island, the family from Victoria University, Professor Wangoola Wangola Ndaula and the entire Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, Professor Bud Haul, Professor Jack, and the many special people that made it to the confluence.

The above is a part of the teachings of Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity. For more information, please contact [email protected].




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